Astro-navigational dynamic facility

Astro-navigational dynamic facility was built in 1985 on the basis of space planetarium. It includes:

One of the main facilities to study the starry sky is a space Planetarium - Medium Zeiss, which was brought into operation in 1979. The planetarium dome is 12.5 meters in diameter. The stars of up to 6.5 magnitudes are projected in the dome. This creates the illusion of observing the star sphere beyond the Earth's atmosphere, which approximates the visual perception of the external environment to observing conditions of the starry sky in real space flight.

Astro-navigational dynamic facility allows not only projecting the starry sky, but also simulating the flight dynamics of various manned space vehicles by means of the view  of the constellations’ movement watched through the windows. The movement of the constellations is simulated with real angular rates. This gives the possibility of crew orientation and navigation training using the stars and optical and visual devices under close to real flight conditions.