The International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) - a unique continuously manned complex on Earth orbit, consisting of the orbital elements provided by all partners (Russia, USA, ESA member countries, Japan, Canada), as well as from ground-based elements, designed specifically for operation and use of the station.


As capacity building the ISS can be used as:

  • space laboratory for basic and applied research and development of new technologies;
  • permanent observatory in orbit with high inclination of Earth observation, solar system and the universe as a whole;
  • transport hub for insertion, assembly, preparation and shipment of payload and vehicles
  • complex service, which provides maintenance, repair, completion and retrofitting of payload and vehicles;
  • assembly of the complex, providing an assembly and debugging of large space structures and systems;
  • space research and technology center, which allows to expand commercial opportunities and to stimulate commercial investment for space activities.