REVIEW #4(45)/2022

About Space Heritage. Yu.M. Baturin, M.M. Kharlamov, B.I. Kryuchkov


Methodical Approaches to Substantiating the Choice of Engineering Solutions for the Creation and Modernization of Technical Means for the Training of Cosmonauts. V.P. Khripunov,Yu.B. Sosyurka, B.A. Naumov

Development Testing of Atmospheric Revitalization and Water Supply Equipment Within the Suites of Life Support Systems for Interplanetary Missions Based on the Life Support Systems of the Russian and Us On-Orbit Segments of the International Space Station. A.S. Guzenberg, A.G. Zheleznyakov, S.Yu. Romanov, V.A. Butrin, A.L. Potemkin, P.O. Andreichuk, A.V. Yurgin, A.M. Ryabkin, L.S. Bobe, Yu.P. Butylkin, A.A. Kochetkov, V.Yu. Proshkin

The Problem of Ensuring the Conformity between Kinematic Characteristics of Executive Devices and Master Controllers of Humanoid Robotic Systems for Future Manned Space Programs. V.A. Dikarev, A.N. Simbaev, A.Yu. Kikina, Yu.S. Chebotarev, E.V. Nikitov, V.V. Shvetsov, E.A. Dudorov

Issues of Training of Interplanetary Expedition Crews within the Ergatic System “Human – TsF-18 Centrifuge”. V.A. Akulov, V.N. Kirshanov, I.N. Gavrik, V.A. Bulgakov, D.A. Belyaev, I.A. Grishina, S.N. Romanov

The Influence of Space Flights Experience on the Readaptation of the Lower Extremities Function after Returning to Earth. T.B. Kukoba, D.R. Babich, E.V. Fomina

Parameters of Acute Phase Response in Dry Immersion Study Implemented with the Participation of Female Test Subjects. O.N. Larina, A.M. Becker, A.Yu. Tyurin-Kuzmin


Current State and Trends of Space Flights of Non-Professional Cosmonauts in the Framework of National and Foreign Space Programs. A.A. Kovinskiy, D.A. Temartsev


History of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language at Yu.A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. I.V. Suprun