Scientific schools of the GCTC

The following scientific schools have been established and developed in the Center within the field of its primary activities.

  1. Validation, development, and evolution of general methodology and cosmonaut training system.
  2. Validation, development, and evolution of methodology for cosmonaut training using integrated and dedicated simulators.
  3. Validation and development of main characteristics and rational arrangement of cosmonaut training facilities.
  4. Development of bio-medical, psychological, and physical training systems for flying all types of manned space vehicles and post flight rehabilitation.
  5. Ensuring space flights’ safety.
  6. Validation and development of methodology of training EVA maintenance and repair procedures using the available facilities.
  7. Ergonomic development and investigation of efficiency of manned space vehicle’s life support systems.
  8. Validation and development of national and corporate security system benefiting from the manned space vehicles.
  9. Validation and development of ecological monitoring system benefiting from the manned space vehicles.

The most authoritative and competent specialists of the Center took part in creation of scientific schools. The creative team of the GCTC, researching, laboratory, experimenting, and testing were all created under their leadership as well as conduction of different investigations and utilization of research results.