ISS crew training facility with the elements of virtual reality

ISS crew training facility with the elements of virtual reality is designed for preliminary cosmonaut training at various stages of preparation for space flight.

Problems solved by the facility are:

  • ISS RS’s systems simulation. Appropriate feedback from the onboard system models after being commanded;
  • immersing into the virtual world of ISS RS, possibility of 6 degrees of freedom moving in it and interactive communication with external view and interior and models of ISS RS onboard systems;
  • informational support for a trainee with the necessary information about onboard systems and individual units;
  • practicing group interaction. Interaction between crewmembers while maintaining and repairing onboard systems.

Cosmonauts study the location, architecture and operation principles of onboard systems, design and layout of the ISS RS and acquire skills of onboard systems control from the panels in both nominal and off-nominal modes.

The facility includes:

  • cosmonaut workstation;
  • instructor workstation;
  • modelling server;
  • reference and information server.

Depending on aims of training, either the appearance or the interiors of these objects may be downloaded. The virtual world is neatly detailed and based on the drawings of real objects which helps to recognize the studied object as well as give preparations for trainings and their debriefs.