ISS RS Mockup facility

The mockup facility of ISS RS was designed to exercise skills of crews and ground personnel in operation of systems and payload of the ISS Russian Segment in nominal and off-nominal situations, fulfillment of multi-segment operations, and also to provide crew safety and durability of the ISS.

Among others the facility includes the following simulators:

  • integrated simulator of the Zvezda Service Module – SM simulator;
  • integrated simulator of the Zarya Functional Cargo Block – FGB simulator;
  • dedicated training simulator MBVC - a model of ISS RS onboard computer system;
  • simulator of the ISS US Orbital Segment (AST simulator).

The following simulators are still being developed:

  • full-scale simulator of the multi-purpose laboratory module (MLM simulator);
  • Special-purpose simulator of the docking module (D1 simulator).

The full content of the ISS RS mockup facility is represented in the diagram.