Vykhod-2 special-purpose simulator

The special purpose simulator Vykhod-2 (translated as Spacewalk) was put into operation in 2002. It comprises two types of Orlan-type spacesuit; special facility, simulating weightlessness and moving them within working area by means of muscular efforts of a cosmonaut; airlocks mockups; computer system; ground life support system; light/shadow conditions simulating system as well as communication systems, TV and medical monitoring systems.

The simulator provides the following types of cosmonaut preparation at all stages of training:

  • studying design and layout of Orlan-type EVA spacesuits;
  • preparation of the suit for use, its maintenance and repair;
  • suited operation, control of spacesuit’s systems in nominal modes and off-nominal situations;
  • control the airlocking facility during operations in airlocks in accordance with required timeline.