ML integrated simulator

The simulator of multipurpose laboratory module (MLM) is designed for practicing the entire sequence of cosmonauts’ actions when preparing and carrying out space experiments: installation, connection of equipment to onboard systems of the  ISS Russian Segment, implementation of experiments, on-site processing of research results and downlinking those to the Earth.

In addition MLM simulator should provide:

  • studying by crews of module interior, the location of equipment, instruments and elements of the onboard systems and payload, methods of their mounting, assembly and disassembly;
  • crew training for operation of the module’s onboard systems and payload;
  • crew training for implementation of mission operations, including detection and localization of off-nominal situations;
  • practicing space experiments.

MLM simulator comprises:

  • operator workstation – full-size models of multipurpose laboratory module and airlock;
  • model of onboard computer system;
  • models of onboard systems and payload.
  • software model of Mission Control Center as related to multi-purpose laboratory module control.