DC1 special-purpose simulator

DC1 special-purpose simulator is designed to train crews for implementation of the mission program while working onboard the docking compartment (DC) of the ISS Russian Segment.

The simulator is developed as a part of the training facility of the ISS Russian segment, making the most use of the SM and FGB simulators infrastructure. The simulator is equipped with its own monitoring and control panel and will be used during the independent training on DC1 simulator or as a backup for increasing the number of workstations for performing joint or integrated training, using the full content of the ISS RS mockup facility.


The simulator is designed to solve the following training tasks:

  • carrying out autonomous training on DC1 and integrated training in conjunction with SM, FGB and AST simulators;
  • crew training for implementation of a flight program;
  • crew training on exercising skills in operation of on-board systems and equipment;
  • crew training on exercising skills in complex control when performing dynamic operations and other joint activities;
  • exercising skills in assembly/disassembly operations, maintenance of the systems and equipment;
  • exercising crew actions in emergency situations, including depressurization of DC1 and other modules of the ISS;
  • crew training on the ISS RS in conjunction with  the AST US orbital segment simulator;
  • limited multi-segment training  with the AST.