SM integrated simulator

SM simulator was developed as a part of ISS RS (Russian Segment of the International Space Station) simulator complex and put into operation in August of 1998. This simulator was designed for crew training of their flight program aboard the Service Module of ISS.

The simulator is designed to solve the following training tasks:

  • integrated mission training;
  • crew training on exercising the orbital complex management skills when performing dynamic operations;
  • crew training on exercising the operation skills with the instruments when conducting research and experiments within the framework of the mission;
  • exercising the skills in assembly/disassembly operations, maintenance of facility system equipment;
  • exercising skills in activation/deactivation of the complex;
  • exercising practical skills in operating onboard systems;
  • exercising crew actions in emergency situations, including depressurization of living compartments;
  • multi-segment training in conjunction with AST simulator;
  • practicing with flight data files.