Don-ERA special purpose simulator

Don-ERA simulator is designed to practice skills of manual operating of the European Robotic Manipulator (ERA) using external and internal panels, as well as to perfect information-logical interaction with the manipulator and information model of its status, displayed on the consoles at automatic and manual control modes.


While training the simulator should provide:

  • modelling the dynamics of the manipulator motion and changes of the environment when exercising operations, envisioned by the flight operations (missions) program considering the input control actions of an operator;
  • visual displaying of the mission performance process both inside or outside of the ISS Service Module;
  • TV monitoring of an operator activity;
  • simulation of real operation conditions (sound effects, radio communications, use of manipulator nominal control means, pressurized spacesuit);
  • planning mission programs for operations with the onboard computer;
  • operative control of the training process with recording and playback of individual modes and assessment of an operator activity;
  • psycho-physiological monitoring of an operator activity;
  • monitoring of a suited operator health;
  • climate control in the working areas.