TDK-7ST3, TDK-7ST4 simulators

TDK-7ST3 and TDK-7ST4 simulators are designed to train crews for piloting Soyuz-TMA spacecraft at all flight stages, including:

  • prelaunch preparation of the transport vehicle;
  • orbital ascent;
  • orbital maneuvering;
  • rendezvous, final approach and docking, flight in mated configuration with ISS;
  • undocking from the ISS;
  • de-orbiting;
  • landing and final operations carrying out.

Each TDK-7ST simulator represents a complex close-to-real simulator, built using full-size mock-ups of habitable compartments of the transport manned spacecraft Soyuz. The simulator provides realistic simulation of operation of all necessary on-board systems and motion of the vehicle as well as a comprehensive visual model of the outside situation, which can be observed through optical and television monitoring assets of the descent module.

Integrated simulators provide solution of the following tasks:

  • both full training from launch to landing and training sessions of individual flight stages;
  • off-nominal situations simulating of all spacecraft systems in both manual and automatic ways;
  • flight simulation in both real and fast time-scale (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1);
  • crew activity and status monitoring using television systems, voice communications and health control;
  • video recording of the training, which pieces can be played back, if necessary, during the post-training debriefing;
  • particular space flight support;
  • continuous 12-hour simulating sessions;
  • simulator fault recovery in 5 min. in case of either power failures or improper actions of operators.